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In the 21st century, media chaos or news disorder could be an issue of global societies, and no country on earth has come up with a good solution to deal with it for 20 years; however, a disease called COVID-19 obviously affected almost everyone’s daily life since its beginning spreading all over the world from China at the end of 2019.

With the broadcasting of public mass media reported COVID-19 related information, people should be aware of the latest process of that disease, the way of self-protection to prevent contracting diseases, and might understand exactly how or what to do when facing COVID-19 or being exposed to high-risk environments.

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That’s one of the benefits anyone could gain from media to be able to have skills to deal with simplified issues in life by common sense.

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As time goes by, COVID-19 is still one of the dangerous diseases around the world now. Nevertheless, it’s still necessary to continue relying on the research and judgment of experts to obtain the best response when facing it or proper treatment if being unfortunately a confirmed case.

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Similarly, according to the logic of the correct reasoning process, the media chaos or news disorder should be solved by people working in the press, news, media, and other related fields to solve the fundamental problems effectively and avoid the current flood of false information and impact on society. Things that endanger public peace, such as social order or ethos, occur again and again nowadays.

Media chaos? It’s really impossible to know the truth because there are lots of different reasons to cause the consequence! But, you and I both know that will never change is the one and only truth; by digging into the fact, therefore, through the establishment of a new media, 58 print media workers from newspapers and magazines, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, thoroughly investigated what caused the disorder, that is, the source of chaos, and it took more than three years to understand.

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Taiwan, which claims to be the most representative place as a democratic, free, and rule-of-law society in Asia, has actually become a dictatorship due to the collapse and disintegration of rules and regulations of media and press or news system; it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s incompetent, ignorant, and incompetent.

Endanger human rights and daily life, even if the scam is exposed, they are still unchanged, because the political power and the fourth estate are already in their hands, but they still secretly engage in conspiracy and cover-up against common sense without knowing it, further endangering freedom of speech.

Therefore, to expand the importance of this crisis awareness, all countries in the world need to be wary of fear, being solemn and upright for it seriously, in order to maintain the industry functionality and ensure that the correctness of the information is not disturbed.

The amazing fact is the premise has been to confuse and disrupt the perception of all walks of life, actually involves openly overhead “The Republic of China Constitution” (referred to as “the Constitution”, the same below ); rule of fundamental law “constitution” clearly a provision giving reporters the right to interview, to guarantee people should know basic rights.

However, political parties are not familiar with the industry but went intervention in 1999, the abolition of “Publishing Law”, followed by other laws of news-related also abolished. The National Communications Commission (NCC) was newly established in 2006, being in charge of the national telecommunications business related to radio waves, electromagnetic waves, etc.

After that, the abolition of the Information Bureau of the Ministry of Executive Yuan was followed by the new namely Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China an additional sequence is established and claimed to maintain those original political government work of rules and regulations.

Implementing reforms and institutional change, irrelevant to actual works and need to be understood clearly not only due to the large range or scope of the media sector, but involves society in all industries deep and wide influence; therefore, both most of the work can be described as media practitioners complicated or busy and also because of various aspects of the division of fine, it’s possible to present a wealth of exciting video content or expose facts of illegal or abnormal issues to accompany the people to listen to and know what’s happening important for daily life as well as a piece of information for foreign countries to keep an eye on it as being one part of group living on earth, too.


Nevertheless, media workers are mostly busy on jobs and that makes less additional time for them to understand or dig into the reason why rules or regulations changed.

Behind the original system change, like hiding the truth can’t be exposed! Ironically, as previously mentioned political parties are not familiar with the industry, the abolition of regulatory restrictions seems like a big reward sweetness, or benefits for press news media industries, in fact, nothing different which means didn’t change at all in actual work procedures or other related to job assignments but gaining another way for political parties to make a profit for their governance and indeed lose the general rules or regulations for being professional press news media.

However, due to ignorance and lack of prudence, that kind of society will lead to a complete failure country. Since it is the first time in the world that the “Constitution” is involved, it seems to be ignored easily its key point of establishing related laws.

Therefore, news by investigating the source gradually disappeared and then followed by the human-made public opinion remarks the point of human-made issues, such as no future of newspaper or print media and fake news or untrustworthy information from social media platforms. People get similar info from all kinds of media producing news which not being able for the general public to distinguish it’s made from investigation or human-made as one of the marketing methods.

In short, that’s why President Tsai Ing-wen inaugural address her speech mentioning Taiwan has become No.1 among Asian Tigers in 2019 and after that keep ignoring journalists’ doubt or questions to put emphasis on the same talking again at the beginning of 2020.


Such words and behaviors, deeds and actions further prove that the Democratic Progressive Party which President Tsai belongs has spent more than 13 years planning the success of the reform of three major laws and regulations.

Therefore, since 2012, she has mastered the Fourth Estate also called the Fourth Power referring to the press for their impact on society. With the unknown assignment of being unprofessional persons having a professional position in universities and press news media relevant industry units, that accelerates to the achievement of controlling press news media and being able to correct judgment by government policy, leading or mastering the society voice to be forced to accept and follow in a symbolized democratic and legal society, disguised as autocracy and dictatorship, and has affected the country to the world gradually.

What’s even more exaggerated shall be the development of society and various industries, relying on human-made open-government, claiming to pay attention to human rights and democracy, and ignoring other false or untrue information are keeping being published on the website platform in an attempt to confuse international audience not only visuals but acknowledges to meet their ultimate goal of returning to the United Nations and other international organizations to be one part of it as a national unit of representing Taiwan, the Republic Of China.

However, such behavior has also caused Europe, the United States, and other countries in the world to continue being affected by the People’s Republic of China’s COVID-19 in their people’s daily life, including international economic and trade.


Taiwan’s self-proclaimed pioneer of epidemic prevention by President Tsai’s government, one of the stricken areas of the epidemic, still has frequent confirmed COVID-19 cases from time to time and still doesn’t face the fundamental or the origin of problems or the source of issues, continuing creating human-made public opinion to turmoil social stability and order, thus focuses on vaccines causing people to blindly buy masks and later result in another wave of rushing to rush to administer the vaccine was introduced, and the amount numbers of public funds lost or being improperly spent immediately won’t be a threat to the ruling government team to which President Tsai Ing-wen belongs or a crisis that needs to be prevented in advance.

After all, the so-called independent judiciary or the fourth power represented by other agencies and media has been completely controlled, but it’s just like another kind of poison that is visible and invisible suddenly spreads to the whole world via certain unknown aspect methods.

Here comes the conclusion is only President Tsai or her government team members could justify media and broadcast fake news to people around the world, because of controlling everything on hand and ignoring the basic principles of the actual development of sustainable society by making fake web pages to deceive the global people so that Taiwan is indeed the head of Asia Tigers for President Tsai, but anyone having a well-educated background understands her unreasonable lies which reflect in the living reality are totally and obviously inconsistent with the facts at all.

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